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Make the connection from team member to company visible in one overview.

on one page

Make the interaction between personal growth and company growth visible in one overview.
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personal growth and
company goals

Make it visible how your company goals intertwine with the goals of your team members. Use this connection to guide your team members, maximizing their impact on both company and personal growth.
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Visualize your company
Map out your company goals and values with the special cards in our workspace
Involve your teams
Achieve alignment through collaboration. Invite your team and work together on mapping out their goals, results and actions.
Connect the dots
Create connections between goals of all levels of the company to give your team insight into how their work contributes to the bigger picture.
Put it in motion
Keep coming back to track progress. Use interactive sessions to give feedback, align on goals and decide on next steps.
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Visualize team ambitions

Start a collaborative workspace to shape your team ambitions. Simply add values, behaviors, goals or actions.

One board.
Infinite possibilities.

From setting OKRs to defining personal development routes, from mapping out your strategy to bringing new hires up to speed. Our software gives teams the opportunity to create a shared vision on topics that matter.
Your shared space
to work as one
Kinety gives you all the essentials to create an essential bird’s eye view you actually want to work with. Map out OKRs, values and ambitions. Align your overall strategy to everyone's work to ensure your people are aware of their contribution to the bigger picture.


Our visualizations go beyond clarifying the alignment of all goals, values and actions within your company. We ensure you always can focus on details, without losing that overall context.

Highlight favorite views

Filter on goals or actions to check your team’s progress or track everyone’s impact on your team goals (coming soon).

Boost conversations

Use comments to ask questions, receive feedback and follow the process. Let's keep those powerful conversations alive!

Keep the right focus

Our interactive sessions help you find the right focus for your management meetings, 1:1s with your team or review talks.
In practice
How Kinety helps Lego Serious Play
Kinety helps Dennis to realise company strategies through dynamic, goal setting and quality coaching conversations.
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