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Discover the shared workspace to align your overall strategy with everyone’s ambitions. Guide your team daily in contributing to the bigger picture.
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Kinety gives you all the essentials to guide your team in finding the right focus in their daily way of working. Add goals, make cross-level connections and see the gaps. It's never been easier to create an actual bird's eye view of your organization.

Visualize team ambitions

Start a collaborative workspace to shape your team ambitions. Simply add values, behaviors, goals or actions.

Visualize team ambitions

Start a collaborative whiteboard to shape your team ambitions. Simply add values, behaviors, goals or actions. All easily defined using your favourite framework like OKR, just better visualized.

Get clarity

Connect your team goals to company values and everyone's personal ambitions. Finally create a true overview on every level of the company. Crystal clear, in one whiteboard.

Be a true mentor

Guide your team by defining goals together. Connect these goals to personal ambitions to fuel 1:1s. Then see how your team is performing, progressing, and growing.

Make impact together

Align everyone around your company’s values to stimulate a real sense of belonging. Highlight how people's work boost team goals and influence the company to make sure they know it matters.
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Our visualizations go beyond clarifying the alignment of all goals, values and actions within your company. We ensure you always can focus on details, without losing that overall context.

Highlight favorite views

Filter on goals or actions to check your team’s progress or track everyone’s impact on your team goals.

Boost conversations

Use comments to ask questions, receive feedback and follow the process. Let's keep those powerful conversations alive!

Keep the right focus

Our interactive sessions help you find the right focus for your management meetings, 1:1s with your team or review talks.
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