Make 1:1’s actionable

Clarify the practical implications of your feedback by linking it with actions and expected results. And get started with your progression in an action-oriented manner.
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Clarify the context

You don't want your team members to leave your 1:1 thinking ‘Okay, but how will I act on this?’. Your input will come alive by mapping them out as actions related to your company objectives.
Discuss progression
Discuss progress by reflecting on the goals and actions that your team has put in Kinety. How's the collaboration with other team members? And are they currently working on topics that contribute to reaching their personal goals?
Documentation at the right place
Make notes at the place where it’s relevant. No more misperceptions about your input, by commenting on the cards.Besides, it makes follow-up meetings easier when seeing the context next to what has been said!
Visualize next steps
Make new actions concrete by adding them as cards or creating new connections on the whiteboard. This helps give them insight into the implications of your input and allows them to make progress more effectively.
Explore all you can
do with Kinety
Have meaningful 1:1s. Collaborate on a shared agenda, align on topics and track progress together.
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Goals and OKRs
Create a shared vision. Collaborate on goals, track progress and have an impact on your company’s success.
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Employee onboarding
Engage new talent. Get them to know your culture, and bring them up to speed with a personalized onboarding experience.
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Strategy updates
No more strategy update sheets ending up at the bottom of your mailbox. Keep company goals top of mind and guide changes more easily.
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