Facilitate effective onboarding

New hires can easily get to know your vision and company goals in Kinety. Show how they contribute to the company growth, and how the rest of the team can help them grow too.
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Give purpose to
new team members

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Introduce your new team members to the company and team goals in the context of your company values and behaviors.
Clarify the context
Clarify the context of your new hires’ work faster with Kinety, by visualizing the direct connection between their goals and those of the company.
Connect it to their work
Align your new team members' work with your company and team goals. In a discussion, map out their personal ambitions, as well as the important results and actions they will work on.
Make their impact evident
Make it evident how the company expectations align with their ambitions. Show them what is expected on both work and social levels by walking through your company culture together. Create connections to show them how their work influences the company's success.
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We have created a short video to show you how we think you can use Kinety for your onboarding.
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do with Kinety
Have meaningful 1:1s. Collaborate on a shared agenda, align on topics and track progress together.
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Goals and OKRs
Create a shared vision. Collaborate on goals, track progress and have an impact on your company’s success.
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Employee onboarding
Engage new talent. Get them to know your culture, and bring them up to speed with a personalized onboarding experience.
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Strategy updates
No more strategy update sheets ending up at the bottom of your mailbox. Keep company goals top of mind and guide changes more easily.
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