Ensure you have the context you need for a productive 1:1. Collaborate on a shared agenda, align on topics and track progress together. Guiding your people to grow has never been easier.

Create a purposeful
shared space

Ask your people to add their personal ambitions to your shared workspace in Kinety. Align with team goals to understand what energizes them, and to identify areas of improvement.
Have the context
you need
Prepare for 1:1s from your shared workspace. Select goals, behaviors or connections you’d like to discuss by creating frames.
Collaborate on a shared agenda
Build an agenda to help guide the conversation. Create agenda topics directly from goals, actions or behaviors. Invite your people to add topics that matter most to them.
Guide your people
to grow
Start an interactive 1:1 meeting to discuss how your people are developing. Use comments to keep unresolved talking points in sight. Easily create next steps by adding goals and actions.
Track progress together
Use comments to document discussions and align on topics. Get notified when new comments are added, and running topics are resolved. By saving past items, Kinety makes it easier to solve similar challenges in the future.
Discuss your feedback
Ask questions, discuss feedback or check in on progress. Our interactive features facilitate continuous conversations to ensure your people never lose focus.
Explore all features
within Kinety
Have meaningful 1:1s. Collaborate on a shared agenda, align on topics and track progress together.
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Goals and OKRs
Create a shared vision. Collaborate on goals, track progress and have an impact on your company’s success.
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Performance reviews
Create reviews that are meaningful, actionable, and painless to set up.
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