Build a

Finally create a real stage for personal development. Visualize personal ambitions, align with team strategies, and guide your people to grow - individually and as a team.

Visualize team ambitions

Start a collaborative whiteboard to shape your team ambitions. Simply add values, behaviors, goals or actions. All easily defined using your favourite framework like OKR, just better visualized.

Get clarity

Connect your team goals to company values and everyone's personal ambitions. Finally create a true overview on every level of the company. Crystal clear, in one whiteboard.

Be a true mentor

Guide your team by defining goals together. Connect these goals to personal ambitions to fuel 1:1s. Then see how your team is performing, progressing, and growing.

Make impact together

Align everyone around your company’s values to stimulate a real sense of belonging. Highlight how people's work boost team goals and influence the company to make sure they know it matters.

The bigger picture

Strategy only works when everyone is involved. Kinety offers one workspace to align your overall strategy with everyone’s work to ensure your people are aware of their contribution to the bigger picture.

We're here for you

Personal onboarding
On request, our expert team personally guides you through setting up your shared workspace in Kinety. You’ll be up and running the way that suits you best in no time.
A true mentor to your team
We’ll guide you to ensure you’ll be the mentor your team needs. We remind you to set up team sessions, prepare 1:1s and create feedback loops.
Templates & success guides
You have unlimited access to all our step-by-step instructions, templates and success guides to start boosting your people-first culture smoothly.
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