Make goals & OKR’s actionable

Drive growth by connecting everyone’s work to company objectives. Collaborate on goals and OKRs, track progress and engage your team to maximize the impact on your company’s success.

Boost goal

Help everyone stay engaged and motivated in their progress of reaching personal and team goals. Engagement is driven through collaboration and ownership. Make the company goals accessible, transparent and up to date together with your team.
Create a shared vision on objectives
Use your favorite company objectives framework, like OKR, to make strategic objectives clear on every level. Together with your team, map them on in Kinety and create accountability by assigning owners and due dates.
Accessibility is key
Engage the entire team in monitoring progress. To drive alignment with the company’s mission, collaboration on objectives should be stimulated. Make your objectives accessible by providing your team members one overview that they can access at any time.
Collaboration drives results
Build a culture of transparency by openly sharing when goals are on track or at risk. Connect OKR’s with those of team members for alignment. Have regular reviews together to update progress real time, and to guide team members in the right direction.
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Have meaningful 1:1s. Collaborate on a shared agenda, align on topics and track progress together.
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Goals and OKRs
Create a shared vision. Collaborate on goals, track progress and have an impact on your company’s success.
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Employee onboarding
Engage new talent. Get them to know your culture, and bring them up to speed with a personalized onboarding experience.
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Strategy updates
No more strategy update sheets ending up at the bottom of your mailbox. Keep company goals top of mind and guide changes more easily.
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