Empower teams to grow into their true potential

Our mission is to boost lively work cultures where everyone is aware of their contributions to the bigger picture.
Unleash a
kinetic movement
The key to success is making visible the culture that really works for you. This could start with sharing your most essential values or goals with your people. By doing this the right way, a kinetic movement within the organization ignites, encouraging people to align their work and ambitions to those essential ones.
Happy people,
flourishing business
We believe that when creating the best environment for your team and your people to develop, you'll bring your company to that next level. It’s how we help employees to grow, guide managers to become better mentors, and drive founders to create a lively work culture that facilitates growth.

What we
value most

Our shared values guide us as a team in our daily way of working. They're not brand values that were formulated once and are never looked at again. We live our values.
Have the
right focus
We take our time to really understand each other, both in how we wish to work together and what we dream of achieving. It helps us to do the right stuff, not just more stuff.
Work as
one team
We work as one team. We make time to help colleagues, give honest feedback and respect each other. It’s how we create a safe place to bring out the best in each other.
Get the best out of everyone
We stimulate each other to go that extra mile, and celebrate when those milestones are achieved. It reflects one of the things we find most important: genuinely granting the best for everyone.
Make impact together
What brought us together was the desire to do the best work of our lives. We challenge each other daily to get better, and bring forward change in the world.

Why we
started Kinety

Kinety was founded in 2021 by The Main Ingredient. Founder Paul Reijnierse witnessed the challenges teams face when growing rapidly. He learned firsthand that building a lively culture where everyone is on the same page is crucial for taking that next step as a company.
The bigger picture
Building Kinety is part of the bigger picture for The Main Ingredient, whose ambition has always been to become a Startup Studio, in which they exclusively built their own products. Kinety is that first product.
building experience
To truly find the right focus and shift from co-founding with clients to a Startup Studio, the entire team went to Italy in October 2021. In just 4 weeks, we had the exceptional experience to build Kinety from scratch!