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How Lego Serious Play and Kinety enhance each other in defining your company vision

Capturing ideas about your company strategy and vision often remains a serious challenge. Fifty percent of the companies even indicate that they are unable to convert signals of change they receive from the market into an appealing business strategy. But why do we struggle achieving this and, more importantly, how can we solve it?

There is an important difference in knowing that we need to change, and actually finding and applying the right solution. Lego Serious Play (LSP) facilitates the latter, the part where we struggle most.

In this use case, I will explain how Lego Serious Play actively involves everyone in the decision-making process to facilitate defining your company strategy. And how Kinety helps to capture the essentials in one workspace in order to define and execute it successfully.

Why use Lego Serious Play to capture your vision?

The LEGO bricks act as a common language that every team member can ‘speak’. Despite education, position, or culture. This means, you benefit from level playing field work sessions in which every participant dares to share his or her knowledge, expertise, and opinions freely.

As the focus is on the individual, rather than the group, it means everyone is actively involved in the decision-making process. Resulting in a shared understanding of the outcome, more support from the team and higher commitment to the goal(s).

The LSP method doesn’t provide prefabricated questions, but rather the facilitator will help (in preparation of a workshop) with asking the right questions to your team members in order to make sure you capture in Kinety what is essential for you and your team(s), to define and execute the strategy successfully.
About the Lego Serious Play workshop

How Kinety can enhance your LSP workshop

Kinety not only helps document your workshop in an effective way, but also makes it easier to design your Lego Serious Play workshop as well as keeping your outcome alive afterwards. I will explain all three ways in which Kinety increases the effectiveness of your workshops below.

An easy way to prepare your workshop design

When designing your workshop, it can help you to create an upfront framework for a workshop with the Goal, Result, Action, Behavior and Value cards, together with your client. You can do this in remote, yet close, cooperation with your client through the shared board in Kinety.

A hassle free way to document the output

During the workshop, Kinety is the perfect help to record the output in a structured way which is, until now, still quite a hassle. However, don’t do this yourself. Rather have the participants themselves do it, or some outsiders of the group participating in the workshop.

When talking team values for instance, Value cards can be added on the Kinety board. During the four step LSP process, Value cards can be defined using the (shared) values as determined by the participants. Simple Guiding Principles (SGP) can easily be set up using Behavior cards. This way, you can also connect a single SGP (card) to a specific Value (card), and visualize very explicitly how these two connect.

It won’t work for Real Time Strategy yet, as you cannot specify the nature of a connection. But for many other applications, it’s a far superior way to document the output of your workshop than I have ever done in the past.

An effective way to keep your vision alive

Lego Serious Play facilitation is all about using the collective creativity and thinking power of all members of your client’s team, and creating a shared understanding of the challenges and solutions discussed during the workshops. What better way then to record the outcome in the shared workspace of Kinety.

Using Kinety, all team members can easily access the agreements, team descriptions, product ideas, simple guiding principles and other topics that matter for defining your vision at any time after the workshop. Team members can even (remotely) start interactive sessions to further discuss their strategy, or act on it when needed in real time. This makes follow-ups on goals, actions and simple guiding principles much easier. Even on a 1:1 level.

Long term value

LSP is one of the most effective methods for unleashing a group’s problem-solving thinking, hidden knowledge and creativity. This maximizes the value of the workshop's output and creates optimal support within the group.

Kinety helps to design effective workshops and ensures you can capture the output in a structured way. By doing so, the output remains meaningful for much longer and can be acted upon in an organized way. As a result, the output of your Lego Serious Play workshop is and remains highly valuable for your clients.
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About Dennis
As a kid, I almost exclusively played with LEGO, with the astronaut theme being my favorite. I learned a lot from playing with the bricks and to this day, 40 years later, as a huge fan of LEGO, I still build LEGO sets as a hobby.

For me, Lego Serious Play is the perfect way to bring together my drive for helping teams and businesses face their challenges, and my love for LEGO bricks. This is how I do what I love most: facilitate the development of people and organizations.

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