Create a shared
vision with goals
& OKRs

Drive growth by connecting everyone’s work to the overall strategy. Collaborate on goals and OKRs, track progress together and have an impact on your company’s success.
Make goals actionable
Use your favorite framework, like OKR or SMART, to make strategic objectives crystal clear on every level of the company. Create accountability by assigning owners and due dates.
Create a shared vision on topics that matter
Use our interactive team sessions to cut through the noise, and get a shared vision on topics that matter. Gather your team to discuss and adjust goals in real time, and focus on executing what matters most.
Track progress together
Build a culture of transparency through openly sharing when goals are on track or at risk. Kinety helps managers identify how to provide guidance, and enable teams to better collaborate.
Boost goal engagement
Help everyone stay engaged and motivated in their goal progress. Leave comments to provide context, discuss feedback and improve performance.
Have a bird’s eye view
Connect team, personal and company goals to oversee your entire organization, and inspire joint action towards most valuable priorities. Kinety helps everyone in your team see how their work contributes to the company’s success.
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Have meaningful 1:1s. Collaborate on a shared agenda, align on topics and track progress together.
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Goals and OKRs
Create a shared vision. Collaborate on goals, track progress and have an impact on your company’s success.
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Performance reviews
Create reviews that are meaningful, actionable, and painless to set up.
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